Finest quality handmade furniture

We are an internet based company. Family owned and operated, we do not have a traditional brick and mortar location and we pass along savings to our customers.


The question we are asked most often is there really a Mrs. Potts and we are pleased to tell you, there is. Although popular, some of our items are hard to find and Mrs Potts makes the final decision on the items we carry as well as her unique blog. In many ways we are a low tech company in a high tech world. Amish Furniture Craftsman do not have web sites, email or land line phones.

All of our Amish items are made in America. The Collection we are offering is inspired by the barn door popularity as well as the usefulness of having full and complete access for storage. Timeless and handmade, these pieces are the furniture that will be handed down from generation to generation. We also offer Amish Furniture with the traditional hinges and doors. Most items offer (9) color choices for you to select from.

Our goal is to provide quality items at reasonable prices.  We don’t want to be the largest – just the best. This means we do not have unsold inventory and it may take two to four weeks to complete your Amish hand made furniture order and get it shipped.


Details Matter